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JB Subsidy Calculator

Provide a trusted service to prospective members and drive leads to your business.

No more sending your prospective members to a calculator on a third party website to estimate their potential subsidy. Our subsidy calculator is fully customized and branded to match your website and your brand. Let prospective members see how much they will potentially save in subsidies, and let them see your products with personalized premiums that include subsidies. Attract prospective members with this simple, lead generating tool.

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Responsive layout looks great on phones, tablets and desktop!

  • A simple and intuitive calculator that allows prospective members to quickly and easily estimate how much government financial assistance they may be eligible for under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Subsidies are based on actual Exchange rates in the rating region the user is located in, not general national estimates.
  • Users can elect to receive an email with their results, thereby consenting to be contacted and generating leads to your organization.
  • Fast implementation will have your site up in days.
  • Site users can choose to receive a custom email from your organization with their estimated subsidy details and additional plan information
  • By consenting to receive the email, their name, address and optional phone number are stored in our database and delivered to you automatically
  • Leads are generated in Excel or CSV format, and can be sent via email attachment, SFTP, or sent directly to your CRM (e.g.